Help A Heart Sponsor Program
Many of the dogs who come to Humane Society of the Delta have not had the advantage of being treated year round to prevent heartworms, so they come up heartworm positive when we do their blood work. If a dog is not treated once it is heartworm positive, the chance of it being adopted is greatly reduced. Just because a dog is heartworm positive does not mean a death sentence! We are asking for your help to cover the expenses of their treatments and help take the strain off of our limited resources. Please join us in this effort so we can reach our goal to help HSD dogs undergo their heartworm treatment and find loving, forever homes.

We have eight babies below that are hearworm positive and we will be adding others.
Click on their pictures below to read their bios and choose a pup to sponsor.
The cost to fully sponsor treatment for a dog is $150. You may pay all or part of this cost.
Pay using the donate button located on the dog's bio and
please note the name of the dog you are sponsoring.
 We thank you in advance for your support and your effort to help fund our heartworm treatment costs!